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Regenerative Medicine

The specialty of regenerative medicine at Minnesota Regenerative Medicine focuses on the body’s natural ability to repair, replace, and regenerate damaged or aging tissues, and to restore functionality.

Using stem cell therapy, a patient can tap into their body’s ability to regenerate and heal itself by using the healthy regenerative cells found throughout the body. The stem cell treatment offerings available at Minnesota Regenerative Medicine make it possible to harvest these regenerative cells from a patient’s adipose tissue, then inject them back into the patient at sites of degeneration and injury to restore and repair aging or damaged cells to effectively regenerate tissue in the body. Stem cell therapy allows patients with painful osteoarthritic joints and chronic tendinitis to receive non-surgical orthopedic care on an outpatient basis without being exposed to the dangers inherent with general anesthesia and orthopedic surgery.

The specific type of stem cell treatments being offered at Minnesota Regenerative Medicine is designed for patients with joint or tendon pain due to osteoarthritis or chronic tendinitis involving the knee, shoulder, hip, ankle/foot, wrist/hand, elbow and Achilles tendon.

While stem cell treatments have been used for decades to treat a variety of diseases, stem cell therapy in orthopedic and sport’s medicine is relatively new. This treatment is for suitable candidates only and presently is not a covered benefit of Medicare or private insurance. At Minnesota Regenerative Medicine, stem cell treatment is neither a research study, nor clinical study.